Desktop Application for AWS Snapshots


We supply 64bit binaries for macOS, minimum macOS version 10.9.

  1. Download the desktop application:

    Download (44MB)

    (Version 0.0.1)

  2. Go to your downloads folder

    and double-click the Elephant to reveal the Elephantshop

  3. Drag and drop the Elephantshop into your Application folder

  4. Launch Elephantshop Snapshot by double-clicking the Elephantshop Snapshot icon in your Application folder.
    If you have configured your AWS credentials, the application discovers your AWS environment.
    Otherwise please check “Configuring the AWS Command Line Interface”

  5. Select S3 and IAM and click “Read from AWS”.

  6. After several seconds, depending on the size of your environment and your network connection, the configuration data are read.
    (You can save them to disk to check what has been read and archive it for later reference.)
    Now click “Analyze in Elephantshop” to analyze them.

  7. It will take a few seconds, and voila. there is your S3 Risk Dashboard in your browser.

  8. Click on a line with a bucket and your see the individuals parties with access to the bucket:

You can analyze the data while Elephantshop AccessTree Snapshot is running.
If you want to use Elephantshop with the browser only, or from a smartphone, please login to the application
with your Amazon account or register:



We can provide binaries for Windows 7 and later.
Please let us know:
Both ia32 (x86) and x64 (amd64) binaries can be provided, but not for the ARM version of Windows.


We plan to provide binaries for ia32 (i686) and x64 (amd64) binaries, based on Ubuntu 12.04.

Whether the binary can run on a distribution depends on whether the distribution includes the libraries that Electron is linked to on the building platform, so only Ubuntu 12.04 is guaranteed to work, but Fedora 21 and Debian 8 platforms are also verified to be able to run the prebuilt binaries of Electron.